Erosion visualized - Møns Klint, Denmark
Deep in each crevice, the ice crystals are left behind, as the chalk bits has been cracked free and squeezed out, due to the water expanding, while it freezes up.
The waves are washing away chalk from this boulder in the water - giving it the typical form - and clearly demonstrating the effect of water during erosion.

The chalk colours the water in distictive bands due to the size and weight of the suspended particles.

The water expands when it turns into ice - and the huge forces involved has lifted off a 30 cm thick layer of chalk from this wall. At latest, thes wall will fall when the ice thaws again.

All along the coastline, chalk is washed along by the waves. A small piece of chalk fallen today - making the obvious track in the thin layer of newly fallen snow. A few weeks ago, hundreds of tonnes of chalk broke free from the huge walls, leaving these big boulders on the sea shore - to be washed away, when conditions are right. The milky Baltic waves in the time shortly after a big piece has broken off. The soft chalk is washed away rather quickly - leaving behind the flint. Some 15 - 20 big beeches still standing upright on a big flake of chalk, that have descended several meters due to the sliding of the gravel underneath.

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