Møns klint - Denmark

More on erosion

The flint deposits at the foot of the chalk walls covers the beach.
Even in north-easterly winds, the water is stille coloured close to the beach - against the general current. Milky waves - full of chalk even more than a week after the latest break-off. The beginning of a new, but minor break-off.

January 2004 - a week or so after a new break-off of a part of the chalk walls - now being washed away and colouring the waves all along the coastline - leaving behind the fossil rich deposits. Erosion visualized .....

Recently broken off chalk deposits - waiting to be washed away by the sea.

The milky white chalk-brew washes along the coastline for miles Flint deposits in the chalk wall. A thin layer of snow on the steep chalk slopes - nevertheless giving grounds for some trees and bushes - almost certainly destined to fall into the sea at some time .....

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