Pulken Wettlands

Common Crane (Grus grus) at Pulken Wettlands - "Vattenriket", Kristianstad & Åhus, Sweden. April 2019 - Crane count: 6.500 in early april.

The land-owner feed the birds every day in the season to attract the cranes.

Other birds are also present - a Black kite

A row of Whooper swans - they can be present by the hundreds in the area!

Thousands of Birdwatchers visit the birding tower every year from mid- march and for weeks ahead.

- and a few White storchs. Also quite a few ducks, geese and other birds relatet to wettlands.

Common shelducks, mallards and other ducks are a little bit all over the place.



Kenth Esbensen