This is a presentation of a selection of my thousands of photographs available to interested buyers. The text is in english.


This is only a minor selection of my spider pictures.

Oak leef spiders - Aculepeira armida. /Tarn, France.
Aculepeira armida
Cross-backed spider - Aranea diadematus. / Zealand, Denmark
Aranea diadematus
Orb-web spider - Araniella cucurbitina. / Aude, France
Araniella cucurbitina
Wasp spider - Argiope bruenichi. / Herault, France
Argiope bruennichi
Nursery Web Spider - Pisaurus mirabilis. / Zealand, Denmark
Pisaurus mirabilis
Hogna radiata. / Herault, France
Hogna radiata
The Giant House Spider - Tegenaria duellica. / Zealand, Denmark
Tegenaria duellica
Young wasp spider - Argiope bruenichi - in the very destict web. / Herault, France
Spiders webs
Crab spider - Thomisus onustus. / Tarn, France
Thomisus onustus
Trochosa robusta. / Tarn, France
Trochosa robusta 

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