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Welcome to my site, now almost entirely a display of some of my pictures taken in nature, as well as under more domesticated conditions. I take pictures of animals and plants whenever I get the chance to catch essential details making up a good presentation of the subject at hand - and when I'm out fishing, I try to catch the particular essence of relaxation so important to me when out at the waters, as well as the drama and exitement always present, when a catch is on the cards.

Kenth and local ranger Steven, Southafrica, january 2009.When I started this site more than 10 years back, it was more than 90% about carpfishing - hence the name In fact, the site was a web-based extension of the "CARPHUNTERS" magazine, I back then made on a philantropic basis, like this site, for 6 years in the early nineties.
As I for some years have found it increasingly difficult to maintain the same old feelings for fishing carp, time began to be hard to find to continue to fish as often as before - and more importantly to spend as much time as needed at the PC to keep the carpangling pages active and ever evolving. Last year I decided to close down the carpfishing pages as such - only leaving a photographic section still active on the site. This section, along with the rest, will be revised along the way.

This means, that focus in these pages have changed. My focus is now on wildlife and plant photography - and what plants are concerned, orchids have for some years been my main passion. You will thus find an entire section of the site devoted to orchids. In this section, "En Passion for Orkidéer", the text is in danish, as it is primarily aimed at my fellow danish "orchidiots".
Pictures make up the bulk of the section, and as the scientific names of the plants remain the same in any language, I'm convinced anyone with an interrest for orchids will enjoy the many beautifull species and hybrids pictures displayed in this section. Please note, that far from all of the pictured orchid plants are from my own collection!

The rest - which is the main part - of the site remain to be in english - and it will continually be re-build. With my pictures now being the most important in the display, I see, that I need to work over my original design. That process is bound to take some time - and a lot of work to get it right!
Fom the beginning many of my animal pictures have come from zoo's, terrariums, aquariums and a few private collections - but as I have visited more and more parts of the world over the years, many new pictures from the wild have been added. This even also applies to many plants - orchids in particular. This of course only adds to the satisfaction in making these presentations - and I hope to continue to be able to visit exiting places all over the World every now and then for years to come - and to relay some of the pictures to this site!.
However, remember that close to home must not be forgotten - I still find new pictures in my garden, in my home - or within a short walk or drive as well!

Copenhagen, 15.03.2009

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