Costa Rican cloud- and rainforrests - january 2008

This is a cocoa fruit - unripe at the moment - and they were quite common in this rainforrest. These wild avocados at the size of an olive is a favorite food for the quetzal - one of the rarest and most beautifull birds in the world!
La Cahuita wildlife reserve lies right next to the Carribean coast - and just outside the coast is the most important coral reef of Costa Rica. A World famous venue for divers/snorkelers!
A bromelia and some orchids on a thin branch in a clearing in the rainforrest. Manzanillo rainforrest reserve - with the rather muddy and in places steep trails.
This fantastic plant smears its leaves up against the host tree trunc.
Clouds on the Volcano Arenal - but 2 old lava streams having destroyed part of the rainforrest are clearly seen. The Cahuita reserce is bordered by the Carribean sea.
The Raphia-palm trees have leaves to 18 m of lenght. "Fire of the forrest" - the flaming orange color easily explain why this tree's flowers are called so.
Bromelias on a fallen tree. Many species of Heliconia flowers are found in the rainforrest - and needless to say also in gardens and parks!
Tree-fern, vines and trees are full of epifytic plants. St. Elena Cloud Forrest reserve - moss in abundance on every tree. ... - and on every vine hanging from the branches!
The trails in the reserves are easy to follow through the thick cloudforrest. Epiphytic ferns, phillidendrons, bromelias, orchids and many more are found everywhere!
A fallen branch with an orchid plant attached - unfortunately, the orchid is doomed to perrish in the darkness of the forrest floor ...
This is the "Walking Palm" in Tirimbina  .....



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