This is a presentation of a selection of my thousands of photographs available to interested buyers. The text is in english.


Crustaceans & shellfish
This is only a small selection of my crustacean & shellfish pictures.

Corbicula-FN1-22-04-2.jpg (19632 bytes)
Corbicula fluminea
Asian clam
Dreisenia-salagou97-10a-36.jpg (24754 bytes)
Dreissenia polymorpha
Zebra mussel
Ferskvandskrabbe-fr95-08a-1.jpg (12967 bytes)
Portunus puber
Velvet crab

Procambarus clarkii
American crayfish

Caught through this hole in the thick ice of Sjælsø lake, Denmark.
Potamobius astacus
Noble crayfish

American crayfish - Cambarus affinis or Orconectes limosus . / Lac du Der Chantecoq, France
Cambarus affinis
Orconectes limosus

Strawberry land hermit crab - Coenobita perlatus. / Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark
Coenobita perlatus

Danube crayfish - Astacus leptodactylus. / Fridge in the supermarket.
Astacus leptodactylus

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