This is a presentation of a selection of my thousands of photographs available to interested buyers. The text is in english.


Sri Lanka  -  World Heritage Site

Sigiriya - Lion's Rock

  This intirely intact wall was made more than a 1000 years ago! - On the rock side! 

Crystal clear water emerges from this big stone in the water-garden. As no higher bassins are at hand, this must be a tamed natural spring. 

  The extent of the city/castle surrounding the lion rock is incredible - and still not fully explored.

  A little part of the Water Garden, seen from half way up to the Lion Gate. There is so much more hidden under the trees down there. 

  The Lion gate to the top of the castle stood 14 m high - made in bricks of a wooden skeleton on top of these lion paws. 

The breathtaking view from the top of the lion rock - 200 metera above the surrounding plains and reservoirs.  There should have been more than 500 of beautifull women pictured on the plastered rock surface originally - every single of them with her own personal face. Awesome!


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